June 18, 2021

Lavarone Bike

18 giugno 2021
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Technical information
26 km
Different in altitude
970 m
Lavarone Gionghi, ore 9.30
Lavarone Gionghi
Time limit
4 h
Lavarone Bike

The Lavarone Bike takes place along a ring of 26 km with both departure in single grid and arrival in Lavarone Gionghi. A fascinating ride through the beautiful woods of Mount Tablat and Mount Belem!



From the departure of Gionghi follow the main road towards Bertoldi; once you arrive, continue to the town of Slaghenaufi.

From here you reach the crossroad for Monte Cimone and, on a nice single track, you get to Lanzino. Once past the hamlet, a particular track begins through the suggestive path of art-nature called "The Breath of the Trees"; passing over the town of Bertoldi you reach Baita Belem.

The new road continues downhill and leads to Monterovere; from here, through the woods of Monte Tablat, you return to Lavarone passing through Forte Belvedere.

After passing Masi di Sotto and Rocchetti, the path ends in Gionghi.

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